Rockboard CINQUE 5.2 Pedalboard With MOD-1 Patch Bay Fully Load Bundle

  • $319.99
  • Save $65.61

Fully loaded! Complete system! All you have to do is add and connect your favorite pedals.

Rockboard CINQUE 5.2 Pedalboard Kit includes:

  • CINQUE 5.2 slotted pedalboard
  • Mod 1 Patchbay
  • The Tray Mounting Solution
  • Power Block DC Multi-Power Supply and corresponding cables
  • 9 Flat Patch Cables--five 10cm, three 20cm, one 45cm
  • Power cable
  • Gig Bag
  • Original box

FULLY ASSEMBLED! A $385.60 value if you were to purchase these parts separate. AND you won't have to put it all together. We've done that for you!